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Our Personal coaching program is amongst the best in the field of personal training. With our highly (bachelor plus) educated Personal trainers you’ll find yourself in a warm bed of knowledge, service and tailor made programs that will set your goals on realistic but possible periodization program towards a (even) better version of yourself!

We set out get to know your Coping ability to its closest detail to then determine and set
your personal goals. Book and experience our personal training program now!



Strength & Conditioning

Whether the goal is to look better, feel better or perform better in sport or a physical activity, the body needs to adapt to make progress. When executed safely and effectively, strength and conditioning training will place positive demands and stress on the body to achieve the desired results. There are many tools to do this depending on the goal, including weight training, cardio, plyometric, speed, mobility and bodyweight training.

Core Training

One of the most important elements to a well rounded fitness program, core training helps to strengthen, stabilize and align the muscles that move the trunk of the body. The abdominals and back muscles are key to this, however the deeper unseen muscles and the hips in particular play a vital role. A strong core that moves efficiently will help maintain correct muscle balance and prevent injury.


A fun and dynamic form of training, kickboxing has seen a huge rise in popularity over recent years. Known for effective calorie burning with its high-energy routines, kickboxing has also been linked with other benefits such as increased confidence, reduced stress and improved coordination. It can be empowering to learn how to defend yourself while also taking out some of the day’s frustration on the pads!

Pre-en Postnatal

It is now widely known and accepted that there are many benefits to be gained from being physically active in moderate intensity exercise both during and after pregnancy. The particular exercise program will depend greatly on the individual, their needs and also their previous exercise experience. For those postnatal individuals, care and attention should be given to strengthening of the core and pelvic floor musculature before beginning a return to more vigorous activity.


As one of the best all round activities for increasing your heart rate, swimming also has the advantage of being low impact on your joints. This is one of the key reasons those with certain injuries or ailments use swimming for conditioning or recovery. As a whole body activity, it can help build endurance, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness, not to mention improve mobility as you reach, stretch, twist and pull through the water.